Friday, November 6, 2009

Creating Photo ID Cards

ID Card Printers – Mini Guide On Plastic Identification Cards

Creating photo ID cards isn’t complicated. In fact, it only takes minutes to create a template and seconds to print a card. Modern day ID card printers create photo IDs that look better and last longer than ever before. This certainly beats the old days of printing out a card and laminating it.

What are ID cards printed on? Photo ID card printers print on plastic PVC cards, typically CR-80 (credit card size). These cards are typically white, but don’t have to be. Card thicknesses are typically available in 30 mil and 10 mil. Thirty-mil cards are the thickness of a credit card. A mil is one thousandth of an inch. You can find our blank PVC cards here.
What kind of cartridges / ribbons do ID card printers use? Most ID card printers use a printing process called dye sublimation printing in which a thermal print head burns the image onto the card. This usually consists of a ribbon with several colored panels that are combined to create a full-color image. The ribbons consist of YMCK (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black) panels. The YMCKO ribbons contain an overlay panel, which prevents scratches and increases the life of the card. Monochrome ribbons are available for single-color printing. Some printers are only capable of monochrome printing. You can find our ribbons here.
Is software required? ID card software is necessary to create a template for printing. This could involve text, logos and photographs. There are many different types of ID software available and vary depending on the volume of cards being printed, if any type of encoding / bar code is required and if database management is needed for keeping track of and re-printing cards. Many ID card printers will now include a basic software package to get you up and going. You can find our ID card software here.
Can I encode magnetic stripes, smart cards and proximity cards? This all depends on the printer you are using and the software you are using. Many printers come with the ability to encode mag stripes, smart cards and proximity cards. This capability often has to be installed in the factory, so be sure to check prior to making a purchase.
Can all printers create double-sided printing? We sell single sided printers and double-sided printers. Single sided printers are primarily designed to only print one side of a card, where double-sided printers print both sides of a card in one pass. Double-sided printing can be done on a single-sided printer, but requires the card to be re-inserted the other way to print the other side. This is slower than a double-sided printer and there is a chance of the card being scratched as it is run through twice.
What are the major ID printer brands? The most common brands available today are Fargo, Eltron, Magicard, Evolis and Polaroid.
Regardless of the ID card route you plan to go with, you should stop by our site and view our entire selection of ID card printers, supplies and accessories here!

Full Selection of Zebra ID Card Printers

Zebra Card Printers (formerly Eltron) start with innovative engineering to provide quality, on-demand card printing solutions for a variety of card types. We personalize and laminate virtually every type of media, including blank and preprinted PVC cards, magnetic stripe, proximity, smart cards, and specialty key tags.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

SkimSAFE is a new FIPS-201 approved electromagnetically opaque sleeve

SkimSAFE Dual-Sided Electromagnetically Opaque Sleeve (pack of 25) 
SkimSAFE Dual-Sided Electromagnetically Opaque Sleeve
SkimSAFE is a new FIPS-201 approved electromagnetically opaque sleeve that protects your encoded data from hacking and skimming.
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Check out the New Products from Pradonet USA

Pradonet, together with it's partners offer the latest technology in Handheld and Mobile credential enrollment, authentication and verification. The ST4 mobile handheld series provides organizations with a rugged device that allows for mobile verification utilizing a variety of ID card formats that include Contact Chips, Contactless Chips (Mifare &; HID iCLASS), E-passports with OCRB as well as 1D and 2D barcodes. The ST4 handheld series are proven for authenticating e-Passports, employee IDs (such as Transport Workers Identification Credential (TWIC) and Common Access Card (CAC)) and driver's licenses and identify their owners.

Mobile Biometric ID Handheld: Pradonet USA ST4EX

Pradonet ST4EX Biometric Handheld Base Model
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Mobile Biometric Handheld Device: ST4EX from Pradonet technologies USA

IPT300 from Pradonet  is an “All-In-One” PDA biometric payment terminal.

IPT300 Biometric Terminal with Printer
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IPT300 from Pradonet  is an “All-In-One” PDA payment terminal.

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