Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not All Badge Holders are the same

CardPrintersDirect.com has been supplying over 300 different badge holders to our government customers for some time now. Filtering through the massive collection can be quite daunting even though we break them down into sub categories. So we figured we would share what other government and military organizations are buying.

Secure Badge HolderFirst and foremost are the FIPS201 Secure Badge Holders : The 1840-5081 and 1840-5080 have been by far are most popular badge holders for government customers. Ever since the US government has released the HSPD-12 NIST Standard, FIPS 201, requiring that Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards, such as those issued through the GSA USAccess Program, be kept in a FIPS 201 compliant Electromagnetically Opaque Sleeve/Card Holder when not in use we have been shipping these on a daily basis.  These two FIPS201 compliant badge holders give our customers a choice between a Vinyl or Rigid Plastic ID holder that allows the user easy access to his cards for access control or log in. In addition these particular badge holders can be customized with the organizations or companies logo.

The second most popular government badge holder has been the Rigid Plastic Colored Series. The popularity is driven by US Military bases needing a rugged 2 card badge holder. Rigid Plastic Badge holders provide a great way to protect name badges or ID cards from bending or damage. In addition, the different colors allow security personnel to visibly detect different departments or ranks.  In addition, these rigid badge holders come in either horizontal or vertical display.  The combination of slot and chain holes allows the military institutions to choose a variety of ways to hand the badge holder, from basic bead chain, lanyards or badge reels.

In addition to the above badge holders we offer 100′s of other styles from low cost convention badge holders to vinylproximity card holders. With that said give us a call at 888-377-2548 and we will guide you through the process of choosing the correct holder for your specific type of ID card or Badge.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Custom Lanyards as Uniforms

Design Your Own LanyardsCustomized lanyards are the perfect alternative to buying uniforms for your staff. Trying to acquire and maintain uniforms for staff is no longer economically feasible for many companies. Consider all the problems and issues surrounding uniforms and it is simple to see why uniforms may not be the best solution for many businesses. A lanyard is the preferred solution if the uniform is not worn for safety or for health reasons. Many businesses often require that their staff wear a uniform to indicate where they are employed. This scenario particularly applies to individuals who employment in retail or in certain office situations. The uniform is an indication to the customers that a certain person is a member of the staff.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Government ID Card Pushed by DHS

Federal agencies will have until March 31 to have in place a standard secure ID that can be used across agencies, as required by the Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12, according to a draft Department of Homeland Security (DHS) memo.

According to a draft memo obtained by Federal News Radio, the DHS is giving agencies just two months to implement a six-year old mandate to issue credentials that can be used for identification across agencies. The memo is expected to be sent out shortly, according to the report.

Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD-12), issued Aug. 27, 2004, requires that a “government-wide standard for secure and reliable forms of identification” be issued by the federal government to its employees and contractors.

Most agencies have already implemented the secure ID, according to the draft memo. But those agencies that are lagging now have only two months to catch up.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

ID Card Clamps

There is now a easy way to display your id cards and badge holders without having to punch slots or holes in your ID cards. With gripper pads that securely hold your cards, there is no more wasted time spent to punch slots, no slot punches to buy and no more ruined smart cards. The technology cards today and specifically the contactless cards such as HID Globals iclass all have internal components that can be easy damages when using a slot punch. If you are one of those organizations that 
utilizes iclass or mifare type access control cards, Card Clamps are the way to go. CardPrintersDirect.com carries a variety of different ID and Badge clamps of which some can be easily customized with your company or organization logo or text. So, there you have it a easy and cost effective solution to display technology id cards without punching a hole in it.

ID Card Clamp

CardPrintersDirect.com offers a variety of id card clamps and badge reels that include a card clamp. If you would like to discuss your badge holder needs or just have a quick question give us a call at 888-377-2548 or Chat with our ID Experts

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Magicard ID Card Printer


Magicard, the leading manufacturer of ID card printers, announces the launch of the Rio Pro, its new printer for the professional user.

The Rio Pro is an evolutionary replacement for Magicard’s highly popular Rio and Tango printers.  Andy Matko, Director of Magicard, said: “Professional users recognise quality, and the Rio Pro has been designed with this in mind. It is made with high quality components and purpose-built composites, resulting in a superior print quality which is further enriched with our unique HoloKote® watermark feature.  The Rio Pro is backed by our market-leading three year warranty, including a loaner printer service – our promise to keep professionals printing.”

The Rio Pro is packed with features and user choice – users can batch print with the 100-card feeder or print one-offs with the hand-feeder and its clear four-line display provides intelligent user information and interaction.

The Rio Pro is available in single or double-sided printing versions, with a further option, explained by Matko: “With the Rio Pro, you can buy now and choose later. You can start with a single-sided Rio Pro and upgrade to double-sided printing in a few seconds with our simple field upgrade – just drop in our special ribbon and your printer is instantly double-sided.”

Security features include Magicard’s patented HoloKote which adds a watermark to the card during the normal print cycle using existing consumables, enabling extra security at no extra cost. With the Rio Pro, this watermark can be a fully customised security design or logo, delivered using a unique RFID card coupled to the printer. Secure encoding options include magnetic stripe, contactless and smart card technologies.

The Rio Pro is designed and manufactured at Ultra Electronics’ centre of excellence for manufacturing in the United Kingdom and is backed with the market-leading three year UltraCoverPlus warranty.

Shipping from early 2011, the Rio Pro completes Magicard’s new product range, which also includes the entry-level Pronto, the mid-range Enduro, and the reverse transfer Prima 4, all launched over the last 2 years.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Toppan Printing Launches World's Fastest Card Printers

Tokyo, Dec 22, 2010 (JCN) - Toppan Printing Co. Ltd has developed the CP500, the world's fastest printers for ID cards, student cards and admission cards. The CP500 maintains the characteristic durability and high security of previous Toppan Printing products as well as the ability to handle items ranging from magnetic cards to contactless cards and contact IC cards, but with improved printing speed. 

The CP500's size - 340x320x435mm - is roughly a third of previous models; and its 19kg weight is about half, resulting in a compact and light printer. The CP500 is capable of printing with a resolution of 600dpi for a desktop card printer. Counterfeiting is also difficult due to the use of Toppan Printing's unique pigment ink technology. The company aims to commence sales in August 2011.