Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Toppan Printing Launches World's Fastest Card Printers

Tokyo, Dec 22, 2010 (JCN) - Toppan Printing Co. Ltd has developed the CP500, the world's fastest printers for ID cards, student cards and admission cards. The CP500 maintains the characteristic durability and high security of previous Toppan Printing products as well as the ability to handle items ranging from magnetic cards to contactless cards and contact IC cards, but with improved printing speed. 

The CP500's size - 340x320x435mm - is roughly a third of previous models; and its 19kg weight is about half, resulting in a compact and light printer. The CP500 is capable of printing with a resolution of 600dpi for a desktop card printer. Counterfeiting is also difficult due to the use of Toppan Printing's unique pigment ink technology. The company aims to commence sales in August 2011.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Polaroid P3000 Printer Sale

P3000 Card Printer Sale

Now and through the end of 2010, Card Printers Direct is offer huge discounts on the P3000E and the P4000E id card printers from Polaroid.

Never before has anyone offered such low prices on these Polaroid Printers.

P3000E Printer Models on Sale

P4000E Printer Models on Sale

Small and Charter School ID Cards

Create ID Cards Online

Creating your own ID Cards Online has never been easier

There is no equipment to buy, no minimum orders and no upfront costs

For some small schools it is more practical and cost-effective to use our ID Card Sotware and Service Bureau to handle your entire photo ID badge project rather than manage the process in-house. 

 TRY THE WEB-ENABLED ID CARD SOLUTION! Register Here for FREE offer a revolutionary Internet website service for producing custom ID Cards. It has never been easier or more cost effective to design and produce your own secure employee ID badges. is an proven industry leader in providing low cost complete photo id card production for a fixed price per ID badge with no expensive equipment and software to purchase.

  • No upfront investment
  • Low price
  • No minimum order
  • No setup fees
  • Create your design
  • Upload your own logos
  • Secure data
  • Easy-to-use
  • Manage your database

Saturday, November 13, 2010

C3000 Ribbon for Polaroid MiniPortrait Passport Camera is back

Exclusive media for the Polaroid Digital MiniPortrait Passport System. will begin offering the C3000 Ribbons for the Polaroid MiniPortrait Passport Camera in December 2010

Due to the high demand for this product we ask you Pre-Order.

Finished print is resistant to water, acetone and alcohol, while providing an image stability of at least ten years. Final prints can be laminated, embossed and ink stamped without degrading the image. Package includes one dye transfer ribbon ( good for 50 sheets) and two 25-sheet media packs. Compatible only with the Polaroid Digital MiniPortrait Passport System.  The Polaroid DMP camera and printer is used worldwide to produce a large volume of high resolution passport photos.

NOTE: We are expecting our container shipment of the product the second week of December, 2010. The C3000 Media is now in production and we will continue to produce to meet the demand.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Exclusive media for the Polaroid Digital MiniPortrait Passport System C3000

Exclusive media for the Polaroid Digital MiniPortrait Passport System. will begin offering the C3000 Ribbons for the Polaroid MiniPortrait Passport Camera in November 2010

Finished print is resistant to water, acetone and alcohol, while providing an image stability of at least ten years. Final prints can be laminated, embossed and ink stamped without degrading the image. Package includes one dye transfer ribbon ( good for 50 sheets) and two 25-sheet media packs. Compatible only with the Polaroid Digital MiniPortrait Passport System.  The Polaroid DMP camera and printer is used worldwide to produce a large volume of high resolution passport photos.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Polaroid's Most Advanced ID Card Printer to Date

Polaroid P7500S Single Sided Retransfer Id Card Printer with Bend Remedy

Identification Card Printer with Retransfer Technology

Polaroid P7500s ID Card PrinterThe single sided Polaroid P7500S Retransfer Id Card Printer is the most reliable printer in its class producing vivid, high-definition images. The printed cards are durable and display consistent colors and a sharp resolution. The P7500S id card printer is sold globally for applications ranging from high-volume national ID projects to small retail outlets issuing low volumes of gift cards. Combine the P75000S Id Card printer with an inline encoder or lamination option from Polaroid’s extensive selection: contact/contactless, single or dual-sided laminator, magnetic stripe. The Polaroid portfolio allows you to configure the printer to meet the exact program requirements or add those features as the card program expands. The result is an easy-to-use card printer that produces photo-like images printed on various card materials for customers in all industries.

The P7500S printer is built using retransfer technology that is unlike the direct-to-card process which utilizes a printhead that prints directly through a ribbon onto a card. Retransfer technology prints to a transparent film which is then applied to the card.

The retransfer process provides benefits that are unachievable in direct printing.

  • High definition and better image quality and print resolution
  • Print on uneven card surfaces such as smart cards which are gaining popularity
  • Greater card type selection - print on PVC and non-PVC such as ABS, PET, and Polycarbonate
  • Over-the-edge card printing

Looking to buy th Polaroid P7500s ID Card Printer? Here is the best deal on the Web....Card Printers Direct

Saturday, November 6, 2010

ID Wholesaler, the largest online retailer of ID card printers and supplie

ID Wholesaler, the largest online retailer of ID card printers and supplies, has been named to Internet Retailer's Top 500 Guide for the second consecutive year. Ranking at number 416, ID Wholesaler is in good company with online giants including Inc, Apple Inc, Best Buy, and Target.

"ID Wholesaler once again made the Top 500 because they know who their customers are and how to sell to them with the right mix of merchandising and product inventory," says Internet Retailer Editor-in-Chief Kurt Peters.

Retailer's definitive ranking and analysis of America's 500 largest e-retailers is based on annual 2009 Internet sales, researched by Internet Retailer and confirmed by retailers. This report includes company financial, operational and performance data, as well as vendors in key categories. Now in its sixth year in circulation, the Guide includes a mix of web-only retailers, national chains with both online and brick-and-mortar stores, cataloguers, and consumer brand manufacturers. 

ID Wholesaler launched in January 2004 as one of the first online photo ID retailers and is the web-only sister company to biometrics products supplier, Plasco ID 

"We are honoured to be named to this prestigious list for the second year in a row," says Chris Penn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of ID Wholesaler. "Earning a spot on this list shows our commitment to providing exceptional customer service, industry leading expertise, and guaranteed lowest pricing."

ID Wholesaler launched in January 2004 as one of the first online photo ID retailers and is the web-only sister company to Plasco ID, a 27-year veteran in the photo identification industry. At 40,000 customers strong and growing, ID Wholesaler offers more than 10,000 products to make ID badges, membership cards, loyalty cards, and more. To further engage online shoppers, the website also includes a blog with product updates and news, a learning centre to guide those just starting an ID badge programme, and a Printer Selector Tool to help visitors find the right card printer for their needs. 

"We owe our success to our loyal customers and employees. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and finding new ways to positively enhance our customer's shopping experiences," says Penn.

Friday, November 5, 2010

HID Enhances Fargo C30e and DTC400e Printers

HID Global announces enhancements to the Fargo C30e and DTC400e printers. The new enhancements, available as a free download, address key customer requirements, advance the encoding functionality and improve the overall user experience of using Fargo printers.

The new features address global market requirements, including:

  • Improved control over magnetic stripe encoding – With the new Raw Binary Magnetic Encoding option, users are in better control of their magnetic stripe encoding, including options to add leading zeros or reverse the bit order (to encode cards for use in non-ISO card systems, such as VingCard).

  • Improved JIS II Magnetic Encoding compatibility – JIS II Magnetic Encoding support has been improved to support a wider range of characters, including 0x7e (“~”). (The part number to order the JIS II upgrade kit is 054309 for the C30e/M30e platform, and 054314 for the DTC400e.)

  • More efficient rewritable print jobs – With dual sided rewritable card support, the printer now allows users with dual sided rewritable cards to erase and print on the front and back of the cards in a single print job, rather than having to send the card through the printer twice.

  • Broader Microsoft Operating System support – The driver is now certified for use with Microsoft Vista 32-bit operating software. Certification from this leading operating system broadens the market potential for Fargo card printers.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The newest ID Card Printer from Zebra

Zebra ZXP Series 8 Dual-Sided ID Card Retransfer Printer

The Zebra ZXP Series 8 retransfer card printer offers picture-perfect image quality, best-in-class throughput, a multitude of encoder
options, and high reliability that minimizes maintenance. The ZXP Series 8 printer includes ZMotif software development tools for
easy integration with enterprise applications.

  • 170 cards per hour (max) dual-sided printing
  • USB and 10/100 Ethernet-ready5 connectivity
  • Windows drivers: XP, Server 2003, Vista
  • Warranty: 2-year printer, unlimited printhead
  • i Series intelligent media technology
  • 64 MB memory

The Zebra ID Card printers is offered by

Monday, November 1, 2010

Polaroid P2500S SIngle -Sided ID Card Printer

Polaroid's most affordable, single-feed id card printer to date

The single feed Polaroid P2500S id card printer allows you to print customized cards quickly and easily.

Single feed for on-demand applications
The Polaroid p2500s photo id card printer features single card feed that allows you to produce a personalized id card on demand in minutes. This new Polaroid printer offers edge-to-edge and sharp image quality for simple and easy card printing in a very compact and highly reliable package. Perfect fo Health Clubs

Robust, compact and portable
The Polaroid P2500S printer’s intuitive light and compact design makes it easy to transport to any location or event and placed on any counter or desktop.

Now with rewrite feature
The Polaroid P2500S ID card printer now features the ability to write and erase rewritable cards, at no extra cost. Unlike some other id card printers which do rewrite only, the Polaroid P2500S does both rewrite and normal full color printing.

Ideal P2500S ID Card Printer Applications

  1. Customized bank and ATM cards
  2. Short- or long-term bus, train or ski passes
  3. School ID, library and/or meal cards
  4. Employee ID and/or access control cards
  5. Personalized gift and loyalty cards for incentive programs

Polaroid P2500S ID Card Printer Specifications


  • Print mode:  Color dye sublimation and monochrome thermal printing and rewritable technology. 
  • Visual Security : The user has the option to print a HoloKote® security watermark across the card surface. When used with HoloPatch® cards, one area of the HoloKote watermark is highlighted as a high visibility security seal. A choice of 4 fixed HoloKote patterns are selectable from the printer driver.
  • Warranty* Two years limited depot warranty (North America only). Elsewhere 1 year limited warranty.
  • Printer Interfaces USB rev1.1 (USB 2.0 compatible).
  • Software Drivers Windows 2000TM, 2003 ServerTM, XPTM , VistaTM and 7TM drivers all supplied with printer.
  • Dimensions 10.6” L x 8.4” W x 9.1” H
  • Print Speed 35 seconds for color and 7 seconds for monochrome.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ID Card Printing Software | Photo ID Software Solutions offers the leading Photo ID Software brands, Asure ID from Synercard (HID Global), Polaroid ID Card Maker, CardFive from N5 Software to offer our clients the most powerful solutions to design and deploy a professional looking ID card program. Using these id card software offerings you can integrate your ID card badging with your enterprise applications and integrate with your access control system.
Whether your photo ID card needs are simple or complex, choosing the right ID card software and ID Card Printer is crucial. The right photo ID card software will meet your needs and still let you expand with your business. offers powerful, easy-to-use photo ID software, visitor management software, time & attendance software and access control software that help maximize efficiency and security, whether you're a large multinational corporation,small business or government organization.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

American Made Badge Holders and lanyards is now offering the broadest range of Made In America Badge Accessories including Badge Holders, Badge Reels and Lanyards. is now offering a complete American Made Identification and Badge Section to our Site.

Some Online ID Card Supplies Stores have made it hard to find American-made products, but our goal is to make American Made Badge Holders, Badge Reels and Lanyards easy to buy and competitively priced. Every Badge Accessory item is 100% guaranteed to be produced in the USA. Quality, style, and Made in the USA -- You have our promise. No compromise. 

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Phthalates Free Badge Holders

PureClear™ vertical badge holder, clear EVA material with slot & chain holes.

PVC, BPA and Phthalates free. Perfect for Maternity and Children's Wards in Hospitals and Elementary Schools

These holders are superior in regards to health and environmental impact. PureClear™ is the ideal alternative to PVC. Max insert size: 4" x 3" (102 x 76mm). . Minimum Order 100 pieces.

More about Badge and ID Card Holders

Need Help finding a ID badge holder is right for your organization or needs? How you want you ID badge to be displayed and how often it needs be accessed or how much protection your card needs will determine the best choice of badge holder for your Identification Program.

We offer numerous types of Badge Holders to fite your needs from Clear Vinyl badge holders to easily display your ID Card to SkimSAFE badge holders protect your electromagnetically encoded information from theft or compromise.

We also offer reflective safety badge holders and Antimicrobial badge holders for people in food service or health care.

Have additional questions about ID badge holders? Contact our ID Badge Holder Solution Experts at (888) 412-6584 or chat online live with us now.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dual-Sided Electromagnetically Opaque Sleeve - Holds Two Cards- FIPS-201 Approved

NEW....Rigid Shielded 2-Card Badge Holder

Dual-Sided Electromagnetically Opaque Sleeve - Holds Two Cards- FIPS-201 Approved

The new CardProtectors™ rigid, shielded holder protects personal information on contactless credit or debit cards, or any 13.56 MHz RFID technology card including MIFARE, iClass, PIV, CAC, TWIC and FRAC cards. 
Inset Size 3 3/8" x 2 1/8" (86 x 54mm)
Minimum Order 50 Pieces.
The Secure Badge Holder is a rigid plastic card holder designed to protect a single contactless PIV, CAC, or identification card. The Secure Badgeholder is a barrier to the radio frequency signals that are necessary to communicate with smart cards. This offers protection against unauthorized access to valuable information. No need to remove your card, the card is read when you open the holder by squeezing the tabs. Information is protected when the holder is closed.
Two Smart Cards slide in on opposite sides and securely lock in place for wearing in blocked mode. The user slides either card slightly downward to transmit the card's encoded data

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Eco-friendly Bamboo Fiber Lanyards

Eco-friendly Bamboo Fiber Lanyards available. Made from natural bamboo fiber which is biodegradable as well as environmentally friendly. Bamboo is considered one of the world's most sustainable resources since it's fast-growing, as well as being naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and de-odorizing. Bamboo Fiber Lanyards are custom colored.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Polaroid ID Card Printers

Polaroid ID Card Printers

Count on a Polaroid Commercial ID System to help you create a photo ID card program that will serve your needs today and tomorrow. With a full line of innovative, expandable identification systems and comprehensive customized professional services and solutions, the Polaroid ID Card System team can help you design and implement your photo ID card program. Polaroid's ID printer and ID system experts along our extensive dealer channel provide the customer service expected of a world-class brand for all Commercial Photo ID products and solutions.

More Info

Sunday, May 2, 2010

How To Select From The Many Models Of Breakaway Lanyards Available To Organizations

Nowadays, it is quite clear that most places of work make use of a key lanyard. The most common useage of a safety lanyard is as an I.D. card holder. They work very much like a traditional badge holder. Just because the functionality of a badge holder is so simple, that doesn’t mean you can’t customize them and make them a fashion statement! How would you go about doing this? It really isn’t that difficult. In fact there are already custom-made lanyard keychain available in the market. Amongst the more popular safety lanyard is the beaded lanyard key chain. This lanyard is said to be the best when it comes to lanyard fashion design. It not only serves as an ID holder but it also enables you to work with a sense of style as well as sophistication.

If you are fashion-conscious, then the beaded badge lanyard is the right badge holder for you. What is the best thing about this customized lanyard? You can get it in many different colors, designs and forms. Depending on your needs, you can also get them in various sizes. The other customized safety lanyard are made of precious gems and crystals. Some people prefer to wear these badge lanyards because they are very pleasing to the eye.

No matter what kind of lanyard you choose, it is of the essence to opt for the badge lanyard that is safe to use and easy on the pocket. You need to consider the security as well as the affordability of the lanyard before you buy it. If you really must wear a badge lanyard because of work, then the best choice would be the beaded type. Printed lanyards will hold your badge as it should and they don’t look all that bad either.

A key lanyard are frequently worn by workers in the business world. But there are also other settings wherein cheap lanyards are used such as in schools, concerts, musical shows, and others. You can probably imagine how practical it is to have a breakaway lanyard in any one of these situations. Cheap lanyards are not only meant for holding a badge or ID card but they also function as the best way to let the other people know what your name is especially in business environment.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

UK Police Engage Print Industry to Stop Fake IDs

U.K. police are trying to get wider participation from printer manufacturers and makers of specialist equipment in a voluntary program designed to cut off criminals from the tools they need to make fraudulent passports and ID cards.
The program asks distributors and resellers to profile their customers and tell police if they suspect equipment such as thermal card printers are being ordered under suspicious conditions, said Nick Downing, detective chief inspector with the Economic and Specialist Crime Unit of the Metropolitan police.

There are no regulations around owning special printing equipment, but it is illegal to possess some items with the intent to produce false identity documents. The tools of the trade include embossing devices, hot-foil stamping machines, special types of paper and hologram machinery. Thermal card printers, which can be used to make ID cards, retail for as little as £700 (US$1,120), Downing said.

Complete Story

Thursday, January 14, 2010

ID Card Printers from Al-cor Identification Solutions

ID Card Printers | Photo ID Printing Solutions

ID Card Printers from Zebra, Evolis, FArgo, EDIsecure , Nisca, Magicard and MoreCreate professional photo ID cards with a digital card printer. Al-Cor Identification Solutions offers monochrome, color, single and duel-sided photo ID Card printers. Digital photo identification cards are crisp, easy to read, hard to duplicate and look very professional. ID card printers print on credit card-size PVC cards that can later be placed in a badge holder, put on a lanyard, placed in a wallet or be clipped to a lapel. Al-Cor Identification Solutions carries id card printer brands such as  Fargo, Zebra, Magicard, Datacard, Evolis, EDIsecure Polaroid and more.

ID card printers for ID card printing. Print single sided, double sided, full color, single color (monochrome), photo, bar code, or magnetic stripe plastic Identification cards.

EDIsecure ID Printers Evolis ID Printers Fargo ID Card Printers
Zebra ID Card Printers Polaroid ID Printers Nisca ID Card Printers
Magicard ID Printers Datacard ID Printers Laminating ID Printers

Monday, January 11, 2010

Evolis Card Printer

Tattoo2 id card printer from Evolis is the ideal solution to print plastic cards on a small scale. In a few seconds, Tattoo personalizes in monochrome or color all your cards with a 300 dpi standard resolution. Tattoo card printer fully addresses the specific needs of small organizations that print badges in low volume or just once in a while: sports clubs, retail outlets, schools, libraries or local authorities