Friday, January 14, 2011

ID Card Clamps

There is now a easy way to display your id cards and badge holders without having to punch slots or holes in your ID cards. With gripper pads that securely hold your cards, there is no more wasted time spent to punch slots, no slot punches to buy and no more ruined smart cards. The technology cards today and specifically the contactless cards such as HID Globals iclass all have internal components that can be easy damages when using a slot punch. If you are one of those organizations that 
utilizes iclass or mifare type access control cards, Card Clamps are the way to go. carries a variety of different ID and Badge clamps of which some can be easily customized with your company or organization logo or text. So, there you have it a easy and cost effective solution to display technology id cards without punching a hole in it.

ID Card Clamp offers a variety of id card clamps and badge reels that include a card clamp. If you would like to discuss your badge holder needs or just have a quick question give us a call at 888-377-2548 or Chat with our ID Experts

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